Ground or soil of a specified situation, nature, or quality 

“Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend;
you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left.”

– Aldo Leopold


Something received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.

“Jesus shows us how to leave a legacy, a legacy of glory, His glory, not ours. If, by His grace, we become humble, dependent, proven, focused, persevering, obedient, and faithful men and women who focus our lives on making the Father known to those He gives to us, we will leave a legacy of glory. Not our glory, but His, the glory He wants to give to the Father through us.”

What greater legacy could we leave?

“The legacy we leave is the life we lead, the life of Christ in us and through us passed on to others in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Adam Keith 

Born and raised in Southwest Missouri, this local calls the Ozark Mountains home. This drives his passion to make home a better place for future generations. From a young age Adam knew his calling was to leave things better than he found it and share God’s Creation with others!

Matt Dye

A native of Virginia, Matt Dye got his start in the outdoors at a very young age. His family’s farming and hunting background has guided him through his education and career dedicated to land and wildlife management. Matt’s goal is to educate others in land conservation while reaching folks through the enjoyment of God’s Creation.

Kyle Hedges  – Upland Consultant

Raised in upland bird mecca of Kansas the passion was born at a young age for upland birds. Kyle has now spent 24 years managing upland game habitat on public lands in Kansas and Missouri. Along with Frank, he led the largest quail research project ever conducted in Missouri. He is an avid trapper, hunter and angler, but bird hunting has always been his passion.

Frank Loncarich – Upland Consultant

Largely raised in southwest Missouri, growing up in a family of avid bird hunters Frank has spent the last 20 years managing and researching upland game birds, primarily greater prairie chickens and bobwhite quail. Recently, he has been excited to lead, along with Kyle Hedges, the largest quail research project ever conducted in Missouri.  His true passion is upland game birds, but he also enjoys turkey hunting, fishing, and trapping. Pic credit: Noppadol Paothong