Consultation Services

LAND & LEGACY is devoted to providing an effective assessment of each property’s natural resources. We meet with new and veteran landowners with any sized property to gain a comprehensive understanding of the property’s habitat, ensuring work begins in the right direction. LAND & LEGACY specializes in the design, layout, and improvement of a property’s natural resources for the overall achievement of the landowner’s goals. We examine the ecological site index to determine the best ways to manage the natural resources. This allows the improvements to complement the areas natural ecosystem progressions. Following this process creates a diverse property that reaches each landowners individual goals in the most efficent manor.  

Provided Services

Please email us with consulation inquires below. Prices for each service depend on travel, property acreage, and service. 

  • Full Management Plans: Site-specific (20-25 page) plan with custom map creation. A complete written plan with directions and scientific explanations of the recommended habitat techniques to create the most diverse and dynamic property for various land owner goals.
  • Hybrid Management Plan: Site-specific management plan with custom maps to addresses the key areas and techniques used to improve the resources on a property. (8-10 pages)
  • On–site (Verbal) Plan: Full tour the property and thorough explanation and discussion of  our recommendations to achieve the goals of the property. This plan works best if notes are taken by the landowneer during the tour.
  • Virtual Property Evaluation (VPE): This is an hour-long video conference to provide the landowner with direction and oversight to address the property’s weaknesses, ultimately improving the land and managing it’s resources to achieve the goals of the landowner. $650.00- additional time over an hour will be charged at $100 per hour. 

Management Plans include:

  • Soil Management Techniques
  • Sanctuary Development
  • Native Browse Management
  • Overall Hunting Strategies
  • Water Resource Management
  • Predator Management
  • Trail Camera Techniques
  • Alternative Planting Methods
  • Stand/Blind Locations
  • Food Plot Strategy/Design
  • Timber Management
  • Prescribed Fire
  • Scent Control Techniques
  • Supplemental Feeding Programs (if applicable)
  • Herbicide Treatment
  • Deer Camera Survey
  • Security Cover Management
  • Invasive Species Management

Interested in our services?

Fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you at our earliest convenience. Please allow for several business days for a response. Traveling to remote areas can limit our internet accessiblity. Thanks for your understanding!

Please include in the initial consultation inquiry your property address, acreage, and general landownership goals.