You are currently viewing For Love of the Land #05: Understanding an Evolving Landscape

For Love of the Land #05: Understanding an Evolving Landscape

As we turn the page on another calendar year, our devotion to better understanding our land increases. On this podcast, we discuss the transition America has endured over the last 200 years. Often time, we have to look at our history to better understand the future. When we do this with the land we reveal many mistakes we have made.

In addition to revealing our mistakes, it helps to provide those who love the land clues to proper management techniques that should be adopted. You will hear us discuss topics like grazing methods, soil erosion, water infiltration, desertification of the Southwest, poor timber management practices, monocultures and much more!

With much more to learn, we are excited to continuing pursing education and learning more about the land we all enjoy. Now that the holidays are over, next week we will have additional guests on the podcast sharing their knowledge of the land. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.Learn.Share!