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For Love of the Land #13: Trophy Pond Management

In this week's podcast, we get back on the phone with Todd Watts, owner of The Hogan property in Southeast Ohio. This property has one of the most well-designed bass fishing lakes in the Midwest. Even with proper design, there is follow-up management that needs to be done to keep the lake working and functioning at its peak performance.

In addition, to better learning the management of an incredible fishery, we discuss the bass food chain. The food chain is important to understand so target fish of all age classes have an adequate supply of food. The term "chain" indicates a serious connection from small biotic life of phytoplankton all the way up to bluegill bait fish.

The "chain" of life also translates into spawning beds and the importance of reproduction rates in a closed system. With bass and bluegill spawning beds created at the appropriate water depth, the next important aspect is "fluffy" and "dense" cover in the close spatial area. There is much to consider and manage when creating trophy fishing ponds on the property. The value added to a property with the addition of a productive fishery is huge! Be sure to follow along with this incredible property and project! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand