You are currently viewing Habitat Heros #112: Spring Turkey Season Success

Habitat Heros #112: Spring Turkey Season Success

During the first week of Missouri's turkey season, several longbeards hit the ground! The Land & Legacy team knocked down 5 birds across the state and captured several of them on film. On this week's podcast, we recap those hunts and share the tips and strategies we used with each setup to lure these hard gobbling longbeards into shotgun range.

Each hunt was different in their own way, but each one required a different execution. You will hear several different setups, strategies, calling techniques, and ways to read a gobblers temperature. Several of the hunts happen right off the roost, while others occur during mid-morning and even one at noon! All of these hunts have many tips to be shared that will help you close out a leary tom. One common theme is that these birds were all called into range, we don't prefer to deer hunt turkeys. So if you like in your face gobbling action, this podcast is for you!

This week's action has been hot, we are excited to see if it will continue during the rest of the turkey season!

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