You are currently viewing Habitat Heros #115: Top 12 Most Overrated Land Management Techniques

Habitat Heros #115: Top 12 Most Overrated Land Management Techniques

On this week's Habitat Heroe's podcast, we chat about the Top 12 most overrated land of habitat management techniques. We hope you brought your steel-toed boots because as we share our thoughts we will step on some toes. Often times land managers and hunters we get caught up doing busy work and forget about the value of time and money. We quickly lose sight of the fact that these techniques being used yield very limited result. It’s our goal, objective, and responsibility to make the largest most powerful positive impact on the landscape that we oversee. Therefore, we should not be wasting our time and resources on low-value habitat management projects.

There are tons of techniques that could be included in this podcast topic, but some of the most popular overrated techniques include small orchards, hinge-cutting, monoculture switchgrass plantings, man-made watering holes, supplemental feeding programs, and many more!

These techniques should not be a top priority on the agenda or task list to get completed. We aspire to make a larger impact on a property. We’d love to get your feedback on where these techniques stack up in your book. Be sure to send us your thoughts at

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