You are currently viewing Habitat Heros #94: How to “Own” Deer During Hunting Season

Habitat Heros #94: How to “Own” Deer During Hunting Season

When we use the phrase "own" deer during hunting season, of course this is a figure of speech. However, it has substantial meaning to the serious whitetail hunter. Understanding deer and deer habits make you a better hunter. To increase consistency in deer movements several things must be in place across the habitat. The number one thing that should remain consistent is security, deer must feel safe! The next step in consistency comes from bedding areas, not food plots. Deer spend the majority of day light hours bedded down, so why do we focus so many efforts on hunting over destaination food sources? This seems counter intutitve to our mission. If we create ideal secure bedding areas across the landscape we know deer will be there during hunting hours. Rather than hoping and wishing deer make it to the food plot or crop field before dark.
If you are tired of nocturnal deer, then create bedding areas on your property. If you are tired of deer only getting to food plots after dark, create distinct bedding areas closer to food resource. Leaving an area as a sanctuary does will not create the consistency you are looking. Deer closely associate security with minimal disturbances in areas of ideal habitat. To have consistency, you need both, not one or the other. This week we provide countless scenarios that many hunters from across the country face. With these scenarios we show how proper bedding areas will solve those issues.
If you are looking for the single most important thing to offer on a property you hunt or manage, look no further than proper bedding cover for whitetails. This can vary in different areas, crop country bedding is often different from timber country bedding. However, the best quality bedding cover in every neighborhood is going to consistently hold deer. If your property needs help, consider increasing bedding area opportunities. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand