You are currently viewing Habitat Heros #96: The Good Ol’ Days

Habitat Heros #96: The Good Ol’ Days

What is it that attracts us back into the woods time and time again? Is it the pursuit of a trophy to display in our lodge? Or is it for the memories made with family and friends while enjoying God's Creation? Your answer likely depends on where you're at in your journey in life.

For Adam and his longtime friends, it's becoming more and more about the memories made and the stories to share with friends and family. Throughout the podcast, you'll hear stories about the good old days of hunting when trophies were pursued but often missed and instead replaced with laughs.

If you had one season left to hunt would you spend it chasing your largest buck to date or try to laugh as many times as possible in a single hunting trip? We'd likely choose to laugh until our guts hurt. Tune into this week's podcast to hear the tales of hunts long ago where the hunting fire was lit for years to come.

Tag your buddies and relive the best days of your hunting career!