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Native Glade Restoration: Deer Bedding Area

We have been working hard to improve the habitat at the Prairie Hollow Farm! We are working on blending the native landscape restoration with hunting strategies. By doing so, we are improving the land and native species all while improving our hunting. One of our favorite techniques to improve the habitat is by restoring the glades.
Glades are a native ecosystem to the Ozark Mountains but they can be found throughout other parts of the country, as well. Glades are dry, shallow soil sites that typically face into the west and south sunshine. These areas make a great place for many species of plants and animals. Several of our native grasses have long roots that are able to reach deep into the soil and survive on native glades creating grassland sites. Therefore, these glades create great fall and winter bedding areas!
Glade restoration is a great way to increase diversity and improve hunting!
During the cold months of the year, during hunting season, these glades will make a fantastic place for bedding and will help us know of defined bedding areas. Join us for this podcast where Adam and his brother Chad, discuss some of the interesting species of plants that are returning to the area after Eastern red cedars have been removed. They will also explain how this will improve their hunting for this season and the years to come!  #ForLoveoftheLand