You are currently viewing Podcast #69:  Aging Deer and a Bonus Session!

Podcast #69: Aging Deer and a Bonus Session!

During this podcast, we review the first of 8 QDMA Online Modules, based on aging deer. Having the skill of aging deer whether on the hoof or by estimating age with the tooth wear and replacement method you can become more educated about the local deer herd. The QDMA presents this information in an easy to grasp format. At the end of the module, we are confident that anyone will be able to accurately estimate deer on the hoof and post-harvest by analyzing tooth wear and replacement. This is valuable skill, if you want to learn it, click here!

In addition to this, we spend the rest of the time in an open discussion with podcast listeners and social media followers "would you rather" scenarios. We take each one and break down the how and why of each topic. We don't always agree which makes for great conversation! Follow along to see how you would handle each hunting or habitat management situation. Enjoy.Learn.Share #ForLoveoftheLand