You are currently viewing Podcast: Common Turkey Calls and Calling Sequences

Podcast: Common Turkey Calls and Calling Sequences

During this week's podcast, we get VOCAL! Watch the volume because we break out our turkey calls and demonstrate the common turkey calls and calling sequences we use to bring longbeards into range. We have been talking about how to successfully setup on turkeys over the past few weeks, but not yet fully explained the common question of, what calls should I use? This week we grab the turkey vest and show you what calls we run and how we prefer to run them.

We start soft, mimicking tree yelps of a hen to start off with like we would do if we set up on birds while on the roost. Then we discuss and provide examples of yelps, clucks, and our preferences for locator calls. During each calling sequences, we discuss when, where, and what not-to-do using these calls in various hunting scenarios.

Practice makes perfect! Hopefully, you will listen and use this podcast to refer back to when learning to call turkeys. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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