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Podcast: Early Season Turkey Hunting Tips

How to hunt turkeys during the early season

We are proud to be adding to the podcast that we produce each week. This additional podcast will be fast-paced and devoted to sharing hunting strategies that are fresh and current for quick turn around use in the field. Be sure to let us know if these tips and techniques produce results for you afield this spring.

During this first week we are discussing our tips and techniques we use to remain successful during early turkey season. Sometimes this can be a difficult time of the season to pull gobblers into range. It is not uncommon to see turkeys still in larger flocks or sorting out dominance at this time. We discuss how we can use dominanace to our advantage and use certain decoying strategies to get longbeards to commit. In addition, calling to longbeards and boss hens early season takes specific strategy to close the deal. We share our tips and common calling sequences we use at this time of the season to bring a gobbler into range. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

Topics Covered:

turkey hunting

turkey calling

dominant tom


tree yelps



decoy strategies

early season flocks​