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Whiplash: The Story of a 6.5 Year-Old Whitetail

This week on the podcast, we are chatting with a great friend of Land & Legacy, Seth Harker. Seth is a life-long resident of southern Missouri and has harvested many mature bucks over his years as a hunter. The story and the hunt for Whiplash started several years ago and has finally come to an end during a recent rut hunt that Seth had. He harvested this 157 2/8th inch hit-lister!
Take a listen to hear all about the years of development and details that led him to this successful hunt. He is going to share how important it is to record trail camera images once you have a solid deer on camera and how to watch the patterns develop over the years so you can come up with a strategic plan.
Deer are able to be patterned even during the rut. Be sure to pay close attention to these patterns as they develop so you can have a successful hunt like Seth. Be patient and diligent! It is a great time of the year to be taking notice of patterns so that you can fill tags next season.

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