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A 6.5 Year Old Buck Goes Down

This podcast is a story of a successful hunt with Trace and Seth Harker. A few years ago, Trace went after a buck named "Hefty". Despite a well-placed shot during the 2018 season, the buck survived and the chase continued.

On this week’s podcast, we highlight the story from start to finish as Trace recently climbed into the same stand two years later and delivered a great shot that took down Hefty. This story has plenty of bowhunting strategies, deer behavior, and food plot architecture to learn from. Seth’s excitement for his son’s success is great to hear. There is a lot of maturing and lessons that Trace has picked up on and is being groomed into a great bow hunter.

Learn from this hunt, stay after each deer, and learn from their patterns. Thanks for listening! #ForLoveoftheLand