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Bucks in Range and Arrows Launched

Following up on last week's podcast when we dove deep into habitat and whitetail deer movements during the rut. This week, we review a bow hunt that eventually leads to a mature buck stepping into range for Adam and Chad.

As we noticed consistent daylight movement on a specific ridge on the Keith farm, we moved in mid-day to hang a new treestand to take advantage of the upcoming winds. This stand was positioned just off the edge of a thick cover overlooking a few fresh scrapes. On the first sit, the buck they went in after, appeared with 5 does. The setup and plan were becoming a reality. You will have to find out what happened next by listening to the podcast!

This story is a culmination of years of habitat work, a three history with a specific buck, a lifetime of learning a property, and the predictability of November rut behavior! We hope you enjoy the podcast. #ForLoveoftheLand