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Chasing a Missouri Velvet 8-Pointer

On this podcast, you will hear from Matt and Chad as they set out on an opening weekend velvet 8-pointer. This is a fun podcast as you'll hear the story develop as the hunt and podcast takes place over the course of several hunts. You’ll hear tips, strategizing, observations, and game planning on how to seal the deal on this mature buck. It's been coming routinely into an alfalfa field on a cattle farm. This means lots of variables are subject to be interfering with the hunt which makes for an all or nothing scenario as the season opens. We hope you enjoy this podcast as we allow you to get into our heads and hear what we are thinking and how we plan to capitalize on these ever-changing patterns. This podcast is full of observations, humor, and bowhunting strategies. We hope you enjoy it! #ForLoveoftheLand