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For Love of the Land #01: All Things Land

Welcome to the first For Love of the Land podcast by Land & Legacy. This is our newest addition to the Land & Legacy podcast line up. As you may have gathered, it is devoted to all things land. Each week we will be bringing on guests from across the country that shares our similar passion for land. These guests will share their connection to the land and how they intend to pass along a legacy with it. We can all look back and see how the land has shaped our heritage. These stories need to be shared!
In addition, during each podcast, we will be interviewing land agents from across the country. These agents receive exposure to highlight themselves and share their top land listing. These agents will be at random from across America. You will have a huge exposure to what land can offer in vastly different areas across the country. Even if you are not in the market for new land, this podcast is the resource and authority for all things land.
We hope you enjoy the first podcast and share it with others who have the same passion as we do. If you are a land agent or want to know more about any of the listing you heard this week, contact us at We appreciate you supporting us by leaving a review. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
Agent Name: Ben Harshyne
Agent Name: Brian Peck
Agent Name: Caleb M Davis
Agent Name: Nick Skinner