You are currently viewing For Love of the Land #10: Farming Practices Old and New

For Love of the Land #10: Farming Practices Old and New

On this week's For Love of the Land Podcast Adam sits down with his Grandpa to discuss the evolution of farming practices since the 1950s. There is no question much has changed from our understanding of soil health down to implements and farming practices that we use on a daily basis.

Deep tillage was a common practice in those days as there was a big push for preparing a proper seedbed. Herbicide usage has drastically increased over time, as well as the use of a brush hog. To understand where we are heading in land management, it is important to understand where we've been. Evolving is a must as we move forward with farming in a more sustainable manner.

In addition, this week talk with Brian Towe who is a landowner in South Central Missouri looking to sell a recreational property. This 133 acre has been managed through select timber harvest, prescribed fire, food plots, and other various management techniques. If interested in a property like this, give us a call! #ForLoveoftheLand