You are currently viewing For Love of the Land #21: Invasive Species on the Land

For Love of the Land #21: Invasive Species on the Land

Have you ever wondered where the non-native invasive species that are taking over your property originally come from? On this podcast, we discuss how many non-native invasive species are taking their​ toll on farming practices as well as our general landscape. Many of these species can be aesthetically pleasing, therefore they are planted as ornamental or landscaping plants. However, they don't just stay in the garden along the house. Seeds are spread and carried off and the native landscape of North America is affected by this. Residential plantings are making an impact beyond our eyes, the health of the landscape and wildlife are at stake. We discuss native alternatives for your landscape that are both ascetically pleasing and beneficial to wildlife. Listen closely to the species you don't want on your farm. It is going to take you listening to roll up your sleeves and eradicate these non-native species. Join us in the fight!
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