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Habitat and Hunting for Sage Grouse

Public land is a great thing to be able to enjoy if you're a hunter, bird watcher, or simply someone who just loves to be out in nature. For certain species, public land is one of the few places where habitat is abundant enough to have a steady population. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for sage-grouse. This past week, Kyle Hedges and Frank Loncarich are in Wyoming to chase this bird and to gain some knowledge about the declining species.
Frank and Kyle are obsessed with bird hunting! Public land provides them with a great opportunity to experience hunting sage-grouse. This is something that can't be found in the eastern US, so the public land that is available out west is a great place for them to be able to chase these elusive birds.
On this week's podcast, take a listen to Frank and Kyle as they discuss the terrain, habitat, populations, and how the government is working to improve the populations of sage-grouse.

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