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How to Decide Which Stand to Hunt

Which stand should you hunt? How do you determine which conditions the stand should be hunted in? These are common questions that hunters ask themselves when entering the woods during hunting season. In this two-part podcast, we are going to break down and discuss with you our pre-hunt conversation as we weigh the pros and cons of each stand option for the conditions of that day. During the second part of the podcast, it is the post-hunt interview where we discuss the events or lack thereof from the hunt.
Every time you hunt, you should be learning something new. You should be able to take something away from the hunt that is valuable and beneficial to use the next time you are in the outdoors. Be sure that when you are making a decision about where you are going to hunt, take the time to consider the daily conditions, time of the year, bedding cover, and preferred food source this time of year. Be careful not to overthink it though!

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