You are currently viewing Habitat Heros #121: Pt. 2 Hinge Cutting versus Clear-Cutting with Matt Ross of QDMA

Habitat Heros #121: Pt. 2 Hinge Cutting versus Clear-Cutting with Matt Ross of QDMA

Time to recap the topic with an outside source, Matt Ross of QDMA joins us this week to join in the explanation of hinge-cutting versus clear-cutting! Last week we discussed the difference and similarities between hinge cutting and clear-cutting. Both types of techniques do benefit wildlife, but the question we have set out to answer is do they provide the same value and should they be used in the same way? This last podcast caused come hype on social media, so we are here to revisit the topic with some outside advice from Matt Ross of the QDMA.

Matt Ross discusses in full length from his background as a forester, hunter, and QDM practitioner the differences between clear-cutting and hinge-cutting. The knowledge of forestry and wildlife is a great mix to provide sound advice on the topic. Matt shares what to expect and how wildlife will be effected after each technique. Hinge-cutting is a highly debated practice, but it shouldn't be used everywhere on a property. It has its time and place. It is should be used as a fine-toothed comb or detailed paintbrush for property architecture, not a broad stroke that encompasses acres.

We hope that this follow-up podcast further explains our thoughts revolving around these timber and wildlife management practices. Thanks for listening! Share with those who need to hear this message. Check out the link to learn QDMA's stance on hinge-cutting.

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