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Harvesting a Buck with a Huge Home Range

If the week couldn't get any better, the same morning that Michael (brother-in-law) killed, Adam Keith also tagged out on a fine Missouri 8-pointer. This buck came in right at daylight and worked a scrape over hard. Thrashing antlers, breaking limbs, and pawing the ground, he did it all at just 35 yards. After looking over the buck Adam decided it was go-time. A well-placed shot with the Deer Season XP Copper Impact only allowed the buck to travel 35 yards.

After we all were able to get hands-on this buck, we identified him as a buck Matt had an encounter with last year during late bow season. Although the encounter took place close to where he was harvested, the buck has been seen on camera many hundreds of yards away and by a surveyor, as this buck chased does in the pasture in the other direction. We know very little about where this buck summered, but we know the last two falls, he was a regular, but a regular with a big range! It was anyone's guess which camera location this buck would show up at next.

It's always enjoyable to have success each season, but it's special to connect the dots with a familiar buck! #ForLoveoftheLand