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How Many Does Should I Shoot with Kip Adams

Continuing the discussion of herd management as hunting season begins to open up we invite Kip Adams of the Quality Deer Management Association to the podcast. Kip is a long time landowner and hunter and QDM Practitioner. Kip's desire and enthusiasm for the education of the whitetail deer allows us to reach directly into his own personal farm's data. On this week's podcast, Kip shares recent and long term trail camera survey and hunter observation data.
Yearly, Kip and his group of hunters closely monitor the deer herd to understand how their hunting and harvests impact the area. Kip goes into detail about how to accurately conduct trail camera surveys and hunter observation surveys and their significance to managing a property. Kip also makes a bold statement and says if you want to shoot larger deer you have to control the does. This fits perfectly into the podcast that preceded this one. If you want to make the appropriate impact on your property and the overall herd be sure to not only listen to the podcast but put into place these surveying techniques. Thanks for listening!

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