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How To Make Your Property A Chick Factory

This week on the Land & Legacy podcast, we are going to be talking all about increasing brood survivability on your property. Quail and wild turkey can nest in many different locations and in varying types of vegetation and have adequate success. So if they are nesting successfully, why do the population numbers continue to drop?
In this podcast, we are going to discuss the most critical timeframe for quail and wild turkey and what they need in the habitat. Once a quail chick or a turkey poult hatch, their average rate of survival is approximately 25%. This rate of survivability is a result of poor brood-rearing habitat in many cases. One common thing that people tend to forget is the importance of weeds and flowering forbs in the life cycle of young game birds. Nearly 70% of their diet in the first several weeks is protein-rich insects. Therefore, without a habitat that supports insects, these chicks and poults will not be able to survive to adulthood.
If you're a bird hunter or are looking to improve your habitat, this is one podcast you are not going to want to miss. Take a listen and share with a friend of a landowner who is also looking to improve their land to improve wild game numbers.

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