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How We Are Implementing Wildlife Cooperatives

On this week's podcast, you will hear from the crew at Land & Legacy and how we plan to use and continue using the wildlife cooperative approach to managing wildlife and our landscape. Wildlife cooperatives are the future of wildlife management. We need to embrace this collective model, follow along on this podcast to see how we plan to do so.
The first interview will be from Matt Dye and Seth Harker who will be managing and hunting neighboring properties this year. These farms have been managed for 12 plus years under strict herd management recommendations. Over the past 12 years, you will hear how the neighbors have embraced this model and voluntarily chose to adopt similar mindsets. In comparison, Adam and Chad Keith discuss the start-up of a wildlife cooperative in their neck of the woods. They will be starting from scratch in this area, but it will be good to follow along and see how quickly this model of collaborative wildlife conservation can grow.
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