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The Foundational Element of Landscape Architecture

On this week's Land and Legacy podcast, Frank Loncarich and Matt Dye sit down to discuss one of the largest factors determining what habitat practices are applicable to your property. Number one is, of course, determining which wildlife species you are looking to promote. The second most important factor we discuss is your location. Your location influences so many different decisions that we make regarding manipulating the habitat for species we are most concerned with. It's important to know that western Kansas is vastly different than western Alabama and northern Michigan is vastly different than northern Texas.
Social media has connected thousands of hunters and has been a great source to share information. Despite being a great source of information, we often forget when reading what has worked for others, we forget about the location. When learning about other people's success we oftentimes forget about their location and the specific variables that each location has. Your location is characterized by rainfall, soils, climate, frost dates, growing degree days, and temperatures. All of these factors must be taken into account when knowing not only what type of habitat management technique you would use but when and how. Dormant season discing will be done differently in Kansas compared to southern Alabama based on the variables mentioned above.
If you want to get better results from your habitat management techniques, first understand your location. Know what your property can produce and should produce not what you wish it would if you lived in a different area. Manage within your region to produce the best results you can. The wildlife will appreciate it! Be sure to share this podcast with others who may be struggling to understand the importance of their location!

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