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Step by Step Fall Food Plot Planting Guide

With hunting season fast approaching we are discussing fall food plot planting techniques on this week's podcast. First and foremost successful food plots must germinate. We take time this week to discuss what factors influence germination first. You may be surprised about what you hear, it's not seed to soil contact!
While also on the subject of food plots, we talk about the phrase "building soil". Over the course of the last few years, this topic has become trendy and therefore misused and misunderstood. We set the record straight as we share in detail the five principles of building soil health. If we want to know our impact, and significance to improve the health of the soil, we need to first understand how it functions. Monoculture planting such as buckwheat, soybeans, or turnips is not building soil. Building soil takes time and a combination of many factors that all must be present on a landscape to build and improve soil health.
If you are a food plot guru this podcast is for you. We ask you to dive deep into understanding soil health to its fullest extent. Be sure to give this podcast a download and a share!

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