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Hunting and Planting for Mourning Dove

Are you looking for a great way to get your whole family outdoors? Dove season is coming up and that is the perfect way to get your whole family outside. This week, we sit down with Kyle Hedges, a Land and Legacy Consultant, who has spent many years grasping the art of managing the habitat to attract doves. No matter the size of your property, there is always space to create an amazing dove hunting spot.
Kyle has had the privilege of managing some of the most popular conservation areas in southwestern Missouri. During the opening two days of the season, hunters have harvested an average of 1500+ doves.  I would say he knows a thing or two about dove hunting and how to manage the habitat. Which do you think is the secret plot? Soybeans, millet, wheat, sunflowers? Take a listen and find out which it is and how Kyle manages it.
We cover an assortment of topics about dove hunting. For example, when and how to hunt, migrating birds versus residential birds, and even how we prefer to cook them! We hope you enjoy listening about why you should be interested in getting more doves on your property this fall! #ForLoveoftheLand