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Discussing the Unwritten Rules of Hunting

There are many times unwritten rules and a code of ethics that hunters should follow to help them make the best decisions when hunting. Although hunting comes with strict legal regulations, hunters also can be faced with situations that make them have to consider their own morals and flexible code to make the best decision.
This week on the podcast, we are going to discuss some of these situations that you might find yourself in. These situations are often revolved around public land hunting where many different people and hunters with various styles and skills come together to enjoy the same land. Is it okay to hunt from a tree stand that isn't being occupied on public land? Is it okay to share trail camera pictures of a hit list buck from your friend's camera? Take a listen to the podcast to hear what we think about these topics and much more!
We would love to hear from you and what you think about each situation and what you would do. Post your thoughts on our corresponding social media posts and let us know what you think. We encourage everyone this hunting season to be fair, be safe, be respectful, and get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

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