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Maximizing Acorn Production with Dr. Craig Harper

We are so excited to have Dr. Craig Harper of the University of Tennessee Extension joins us this week to discuss his recent research devoted to understanding acorn production. We hope that you will sit back, take a listen, and hopefully gain some knowledge of proper timber management techniques.
Dr. Harper's research was recently shared in the latest issue of Quality Whitetails. This article reviewed the 10-year study conducted on acorn production and common techniques used to increase acorn production. The study found that not all oaks are created equal. Genetics of the tree are strong influencers for the productivity of the mast the tree will annually produce. They found that 40% of the trees will on average produce 70% of the overall acorn production. For years, one way people have been trying to improve the quantity of mast produced is by fertilizing under the canopy of trees. This research debunked that myth and proved it to be ineffective. In addition, the research proved that releasing the crown of the most productive trees in the woods drastically increased overall mast production.
This podcast was a great balance between research and application of information to be able to improve the habitat and utilize the natural resources. Take a listen and gain some knowledge on how to manage your timber to improve the acorn production and ultimately will improve the habitat for wildlife.

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