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Upland Bird Hunting and Building the Hunting Heritage

What was it that made you passionate about the outdoors? What made you fall in love with hunting? For several of us here at Land & Legacy, it was upland bird hunting with a bird dog. Unfortunately, this tradition is fading away and the hunting community is losing hunters quicker than you may even be aware of. What is the cause of losing so many hunters in such a short amount of time?
We are going to discuss many different topics in this week's podcast. We are going to discuss some ways that we believe could get more youth involved in the outdoors. We will also be discussing population numbers for this fall, how to begin preparing for hunting season this fall, and what hunting season looks like for Frank.
Did you hear about the Brown Trout that was caught in Missouri and only less than three pounds away from the world record? We will be talking about that, too! We cover a wide variety of topics this week and you don't want to miss it!

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