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Hunting the Rut Success: Bedding Areas

Land management can take years to show improvement right? Wrong! Land & Legacy client Louie Zinn had a season to remember this fall. Adam worked with Louie in January of 2020 on his farm in western Illinois and they addressed the main habitat issues he was facing. Like many people in the Midwest, he was missing some key features to bring his property to the next level. Quality cover is something that is greatly overlooked and isn't hard to create.

With Eastern Red Cedar encroachment occurring throughout the farm this was Louie's first project. By adding diversity and cutting the cedar trees Louie found immediate results and the deer were taking advantage of it! By utilizing a chainsaw and cutting cedars and thinning outer undesirable species with a mix of hinge cuts and flush cuts woody browse and cover were quickly added to the farm.

Through habitat restoration and property architecture, Louie and his friend were able to tag two giant bucks on his farm less than a year after running the chainsaw! He's just getting started! Tune in to hear his story and how he's looking forward to the future! #ForLoveoftheLand