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Non-Native Invasive Species Are Not Welcome!

There is no room for non-native invasive species on the landscape. These species vary from region to region, but the presence of them is not welcome. Non-native species do not have their natural predators therefore, landowners have to become the predator of choice. It falls on your shoulders to eradicate or at the very least, keep them from spreading.

These species are rapidly invading the swamps, prairies, woodlots, forests, and fields across the country. The direction and speed at which they are invading can be alarming. It is important to envision what the landscape will look like 20 years from now when no one addresses these species. We've seen fields being overtaken in a matter of few years by species like autumn olive, bush honeysuckle, multi-flora rose, Japanese honeysuckle, and Bradford pears.

Please take this podcast seriously and share with others who need to hear about the importance of managing non-native invasive species. If you are the owner of recreational land, you are responsible, stop playing the blame game and address the issue! Take that responsibility seriously!

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