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Observations from Across the Whitetail’s Range

On this week's podcast, we discuss our recent observations traveling from Kansas to West Virginia. We saw farming landscapes, bottomland, CRP, and thousands of timbered acres. These observations will help you to look critically at your property so you can influence it greater making it more attractive for wildlife.

First and foremost, improving and restoring the landscape is important. Wildlife need a home, not an insufficient place to simply survive. We are looking for all wildlife to thrive, this can only happen when each acre is addressed! Despite the landscape changing in appearance and land use from the recent states we visited, deer still were present, but just because a species is present, does not mean it is thriving. Thriving habitat and wildlife means diversity of species that occupy the 3 to 6 ft. range is present.

As we cover more properties in the next few weeks, be sure to follow along and learn through the eyes of Land & Legacy. We will teach you how to examine, critique, and improve the land.

Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand