You are currently viewing Podcast #34:  Calling to Whitetails: Do’s and Don’ts

Podcast #34: Calling to Whitetails: Do’s and Don’ts

We are rapidly approaching that time of the year when whitetails get more vocal. If we are smart and observant to the details, we can use this to our advantage. However, there are certain times and situations when calling would result in a disappointing outcome. The last thing we want to do is to educate bucks when calling to them. We look for a bullet proof setup that will allow us to be vocal and not be concerned with deer circling downwind. You may be surprised with just how effective the right calling setup can be. Also, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of calling to does and bucks during the late season.

In addition, you have to communicate effectively to deer. That involves a full understanding of what a grunt, rattle, or snort-wheeze means. Having a grunt call that communicates a clear message is important, that is why we have teamed up with Hook’s Custom Calls for an exclusive grunt call offer. Click here to take advantage of the offer! Use the code “LL15” to get a realistic grunter in your hands. Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand