You are currently viewing Podcast #41:  The Value of Food Plots

Podcast #41: The Value of Food Plots

We are rapidly approaching a timely window to accomplish habitat management projects. In preparation for this window, it's an appropriate time to share the facts. We often get asked to assist in prioritizing projects on various properties. This podcast will get you started in the right direction for reaching the lands potential.

Follow along as we share the numbers behind decisions we make while consulting. Be sure to have an aerial of the property you hunt ready with pen and paper. There are 5 habitat types covered in the podcast, mature forest, young forest, young forest with prescribed fire, old field management, and food plots. With each habitat type covered, we share how much tonnage is produced on a yearly basis. As always diversity and layout of these features is key. Don't miss this one. Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand