You are currently viewing Podcast #45:  Property Architecture: Thinking Outside the Box

Podcast #45: Property Architecture: Thinking Outside the Box

You just never know what each property can hold until you get boots on the ground! There are so many factors that play into making decisions on how to improve the habitat on every property we visit. Each property is unique in not only the features the property possess, but what we refer to as "hunter management". In addition to improving the habitat and the orientation of it's features, it is critical to analyze how the property is being hunted. This information provides us with clues on how to best make the necessary changes. With all this information, often times we are forced to think outside the box.

This week we discuss the details of hunter management, current habitat state and property features that lead us to making our recommendations. These real life examples of a hunting property in the Mid-West will assist you in thinking outside of the box on your hunting property. Don't fear change, begin the next deer season with a new found plan of attack! . Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand