You are currently viewing Podcast #57: Soybeans, Seed Mixes, and Success with Stratton Seed Company

Podcast #57: Soybeans, Seed Mixes, and Success with Stratton Seed Company

Stratton Forage Soybeans

Although it may not feel like spring this week, the calendar says we need to start preparing for food plot season. This week, we devote our time to talking with Stratton Seed Company from Stuttgart, Arkansas. This company has a deep history of success in the agriculture industry. They are now branching out to continue their success into the world of food plots. With that move, comes new and exciting ways to approach food plotting. In this discussion, it will be easy to see why the seed blends, the browse resistant/heavy pod producing soybeans work so well into our philosophy of diversity within food plots. Stratton has a large web of distribution making it easier to get seed into the hands of food plotters. Stratton Seed Company shares similar values of helping to improve and conserve as many acres as possible. This can be reflected in the price points across the board.

Be sure to follow along as we discuss our thoughts on food plots. We share ideas like, how they should be incorporated into a proper layout and why we plant diverse crop mixtures. Food plots are without a doubt are a huge avenue for success during hunting season, but deciding where, how, what to plant then becomes the question. Be sure to follow along and checkout the value this company is offering! Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

If you have any further questions regarding Stratton Seed Company, there products, or interested in becoming a distributor, contact

Topics Covered:

food plots

seed mixes

diverse seed blends

pollinator species

wildlife mixes

waterfowl food plot blend

Stratton Seed Company history

forage soybean vs. ag soybean

soybean genetics

soybean traits

browse resistance

glyphosphate tolerant vs. Round-Up ready

fall food plot blend

spring food plot blend

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