You are currently viewing Podcast #68: CWD and Deer Mineral – What do we do?

Podcast #68: CWD and Deer Mineral – What do we do?

We've made a change, will you? With recent changes and developments in CWD research, things are changing and changing fast. Penn State recently released information that confirms CWD prions were found in active bait sites, 9 of 11 actually. Knowing this, will you continue to place mineral and feed out that will congregate deer? Even if CWD has not been found in your area, is it a good idea?

This podcast is not to argue if CWD is real or a "conspiracy", rather provide you with alternative ways to inventory your deer herd when regulations regarding baiting and mineral/salt blocks become illegal in your area. With that, we provide our insight on how and where to place trail cameras to document and inventory the local deer herd. These tips will help you throughout the summer months continuing to provide a solid inventory of the local deer herd even if mineral or supplemental feeding is band in your area.  Ready or not, things are changing and you will want to be in front of the curve rather than behind it! Enjoy.Share.Learn! #ForLoveoftheLand