You are currently viewing Podcast #70:  All About Antlers and Summer Habitat Management

Podcast #70: All About Antlers and Summer Habitat Management

QDMA Module #2 is in review this week, it's all about deer antlers! We discuss at length many of the crazy characteristics regarding whitetail antlers including age, nutrition, and genetics, which is sure to cause a stir. These amazingly unique features grow in just a few months time, shed velvet, used to display dominance, and then shed completely within one year. In addition, we share how science debunks several of the common myths that float around many hunting camps. This module is an extremely useful tool for anyone looking to understand the how, why, when, and what of deer antlers!

Many times the summer months are often overlooked in the productivity and quality of work that can be completed on a property. Matt and Adam share how these hot and occasionally dry months are a great time to be monitoring past habitat projects while improving soil management and fertility all the while controlling invasive species. Don't miss this podcast, there are tons of great insights! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand