You are currently viewing Podcast #79:  Truths Behind Culling Bucks

Podcast #79: Truths Behind Culling Bucks

Ok, here it is! Over the years we've all heard phrases like "I'm going to take him out of the gene pool" or "I don't want him to spread his genes any longer" perhaps even, "he's maybe 2.5, but he is just a cull buck" It's time to put this thought process to rest and prepare for realistic harvest objectives for this coming year. The question is, can hunters positively influence the antler growth by shooting inferior bucks? The answer is simple, NO! We share three very simple principles as to why this is not possible.

In addition, we discuss how to make your time in the treestand even more productive. It's simple, observe! We break down what it is you should be looking for to fins patterns from deer this fall to help make management decisions after hunting season. Take time this fall to watch and learn from your deer herd. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand