You are currently viewing Podcast #90: 5 Signs You are Hunting the Lockdown Phase

Podcast #90: 5 Signs You are Hunting the Lockdown Phase

Welcome to the rut! The highs and lows of many hunter's seasons are created during this time period. Action can be hot or dreadfully slow and it can change from one to the other in a matter of seconds. These highs and lows often force hunters during mid-November to question their own sanity and skill level. Hunting buddies are exchanging pictures of great bucks being harvested, while you can be left feeling lonely in the woods hoping to lay eyes on a deer bigger than a spike. This is the lock-down phase, when most does are in estrous and a buck wouldn't dream of leaving her side.
As frustrating as this time period is, there are 5 signs to look for when you are hunting during mid- November. In this podcast, we review the signs, often times you can observe deer in random locations, small woodlots, middle of ag-fields, road ditches, etc.. Another key sign to look for to better understand what part of the rut you are in is to observe fawns, are they alone wandering aimlessly? These are just a few of the signs that will help indicate to hunters the stages of the rut.
As with any podcast, we provide you with key habitat management tips to implement on your property. These tips will increase the consistency of deer sightings and hunting opportunities in the seasons to come even during the difficult times to hunt. Our goal is to provide you with tips to managing the land so that every portion of the fall even lock-down phase is a quality hunting experience. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand