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Podcast: Bully Bucks and Season Outlook with Seth Harker

This podcast's focus is an outlook on the whitetail season with our friend and Land & Legacy contributor Seth Harker. Seth is a whitetail freak. He is constantly managing his farm, taking inventory, and learning his local deer herd. Over the past few years, a buck he calls Snoop Dawg has caught his eye. We take time to discuss his plans on how to harvest this deer. There are several other deer on the radar as well, but one of the big plans for this fall on his property is to lower the antlerless deer population. He currently has too many deer to feed and needs to lower the deer numbers.

In addition to lowering deer numbers, we discuss the topic of "bully bucks". These bucks have a bad attitude, running other bucks off regardless of age or antler size. Seth has watched this over the years take place. Knowing this, there are plans to remove some of the mature bullies and see how the remaining deer herd reacts! Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand