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Podcast: How To Find and Hunt Bottlenecks

It is almost that time of the year that all hunters are anticipating. With the changes to hunting strategies on the horizon, it is important to review the prime stand opportunities that will lead to success. Within the natural environment, there are huge opportunities to find great places to hunt, these areas are often referred to as bottlenecks.  There is a long list of factors that play into creating bottlenecks, pinch points, funnels, etc. This week, we review the long list of different vegetation types, terrain types, and water resources that often times create easy to find bottlenecks in the landscape. Be sure to pull up an aerial whether it be public or private to search for excellent hunting locations.

Once you find the setup of choice, be sure to use these hunting tips to offer the best shot opportunities. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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