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Podcast: Mobile Treestand Sets Equal Results

If there is one tip every bowhunter can relate to is the need for staying mobile with their treestand setups. This season has presented certain challenges that result in hunters in our region to become mobile bowhunters. Permanent stands in old faithful locations, will not yield the same success.  Never have we seen a year with this many white oak acorns, it can be almost seen as a plague to the ill-prepared, stationary bowhunter hunter. Any and every white oak that we visit has the ground covered in acorns, making it near impossible to truly pattern deer at this time of the season. Therefore, if deer are tough to pattern, then we must be mobile and go find them!
In this week's podcast, we re-tell the story of a recent successful hunting trip where successfully Matt harvests a doe. Several tactics and observations over the past few weeks played an important role in harvesting this doe. It seems silly to discuss strategy and technique revolving around a simple hunt to put meat in the freezer, however, these same tactics could easily result in buck harvests as well. We aren't picky and this doe presented a great hunting opportunity. So, we capitalized and made the most out of the recent cold front that passed throughout much of the country.
Take these tactics to heart and apply them to your current outings in the deer woods. We can share in the success and enjoy venison backstraps! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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