You are currently viewing Podcast #85: Learning How To Get More From Your Food Plots

Podcast #85: Learning How To Get More From Your Food Plots

Even after years of continued development, tweaking, and perfecting food plots, we still force ourselves to learn and grow through each growing season. This method of learning allows us to become very critical of our techniques.  If we continue to learn, we can perfect our methods and increase the chances of growing successful food plots each year. This week, we take a look back over the food plot season to openly discuss failures and successes. We recap the lessons learned regarding the Heritage Blend. What were its strengths and weaknesses? Knowing this will allow us to better understand it as a tool and how to best implement it into our property development in the future. In addition, we also highlight the Wild Gamechanger Soybeans from Stratton Seed. This forage type variety soybean is as tough as they come. We experienced this summer, dry spells, browse pressure, and yet tons of high-quality forage available for wildlife. It doesn't end there, at this time of the year these browsed beans are still full of pods, which will provide incredible food during the hunting season. To say the least, we were very impressed.
Evaluating the success of the blends is important, but understanding the ways we can produce the desired results. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of no-till drilling as well as broadcasting to establish fall food plots. With weather like we have experienced this fall, broadcasting seed has been fantastic, however, there is a catch! Be sure to download this week's podcast on everything food plots in 2018 to learn all that it taught us! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand