You are currently viewing Podcast #86: Round Table Discussion w/ Nature’s Eye Consulting

Podcast #86: Round Table Discussion w/ Nature’s Eye Consulting

Life is funny how it inadvertently forces you to cross paths with folks who hold similar values and interests. Two years ago we met Blake Hamilton, owner of Nature's Eye Consulting at the QDMA National Convention. Immediately, we identified Blake as an individual who we wanted talk hunting stories, as well as land and wildlife management with! He is link-minded and loves everything nature-based, just like us!
It may seem odd that we have linked arms with what some may view as a competitor, another land and wildlife consultant. Blake couldn't be further from that! Beyond a business owner in a similar field, Blake Hamilton and the rest of the team at Nature's Eye are all friends of Land and Legacy. Blake's business is located in Lufkin, TX, where he deals, focuses on adding value to properties, restoring native landscapes, and managing various types of recreational properties.
On a recent trip to Texas, we meet and brainstormed with Blake.  Like most trips we incorporated a podcast recording session, this one is full of truth-bombs from start to finish. Within minutes, any routine listener can quickly learn why we connect with Blake. From his experiences growing up and living a nature-based life till now where he increases opportunities for folks to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature, we were cut from similar cloths. Our goal with this podcast is to prove that two groups working in same outdoor space can unite and work together in the name of conservation. This is important for us to share this principle. We strongly feel there is too much division, pridefulness, and separation among our peers. This is just one simple step to show that under the conservation umbrella, we can all fit and work together.
Within this podcast, you will hear of new ways to enjoy land, manage it, and recreate on it. If you love land like us, this podcast is for you! We hope you enjoy, as this is as real and authentic as they come! Be sure to follow with Nature's Eye on Facebook and Instagram, they are doing some incredible things! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand