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Podcast: The Horrors of a One-Lung Hit

Often times this can be the most misleading shot placement for a bowhunter. Even with a behind the shoulder, mid-level body cavity shot, an arrow can hit and take out just a single lung. This sounds like a great thing, but the resilience of deer turns this shot from an easy track job to an undiscovered deer. Blood trailing at first may seem great, however after the blood begins to slow down, it's time to back out and return once you've given that deer ample time to expire.

If you suspect a one lung hit has occurred, we walk you through the steps to complete a full recovery of that animal. We highlight exactly what you need to be looking, listening, and searching for on the blood trail. Our hope is to increase the number of recovered deer this fall with proper blood trailing. techniques. Prepare for this fall and learn how to become a better woodsman, before and after the shot. Be cautious, take your time, and BE PATIENT!  Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand