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Welcoming the “Orange Army”

During this podcast, we speak on the tradition and heritage of firearms season. In addition, we discuss our own personal outings to the woods during the season opener! Although the weather was not cooperating we still had buck encounters and Adam heard more turkeys gobbling than during the spring!

Here in the state of Missouri, we have an 11 day gun season that is situated right during the middle of the rut. If you ask any serious bowhunter, you will hear how this does not often sit well with them. Despite mixed reviews, firearms season is a time for increased opportunity. That means opportunities for new hunters, youth hunters, disabled hunters, and folks with less time to hunt. Our dynamic as hunters and the world of conservation would drastically change if firearms season was altered.

We need to open our minds and thoughts to every opportunity we have to increase hunter participation. Stay safe in the woods! #ForLoveoftheLand